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Welcome to St Cyprian’s Girls’ Secondary School, Nsukka.

St Cyprian's Girls’ was founded by the Anglican Mission in 1956 as a Teacher Training College for Grade I teachers and later for Grade II teachers. It is a college built out of sacrifice of Anglican teachers, who contributed their meagre salaries to build the college.

In 1971, the College was taken over by the state government, which was the case with all schools in the then Anambra State. When His Excellency, Governor Jim Nwobodo became the Executive Governor of Anambra State in 1979, he gave back the college to the Anglican Mission.

With the gradual phasing out of the Teacher Training Colleges in the state, the school metamorphosed into St. Cyprian's Special Science School and St. Cyprian's Girls' Secondary School.

St. Cyprian's Girls' Secondary School took off with 120 students and 12 teachers. Now there are about 1500 students; 350 of which are boarders, 58 members of tutorial staff and 15 non-tutorial staff. With the increase in the number of students.